imece is a social innovation platform that brings together individuals and institutions dealing with social issues through various resourceful ways.


We contribute to the development of the social innovation ecosystem through our activities and content. We support social entrepreneurs who would like to find solutions to social issues access education, mentorship and grants through the Accelerator. During each Accelerator that lasts for 7 months, we focus on a specific theme and issues related to this theme. We choose our themes and issues based on the 17 Global Goals of the UN for sustainable development.



Incubation Process

You can check the themes that we have chosen based on the 17 Global Goals and the issues around these themes.


Hours of Mentorship

A network of 350 professional mentors from different disciplines


TL Grants

A non-refundable total amount of 480.000 TL granted to projects that pass the jury election


Hours of Training

Trainings tailored for social entrepreneurs on various topics ranging from human-centered design to finance

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How did the SIX Wayfinder contribute to the social innovation ecosystem in Turkey?

How did the SIX Wayfinder contribute to the social innovation ecosystem in Turkey?

By bringing together different players of the ecosystem to focus on the next 10 years, the Wayfinder has begun to catalyse the social innovation ecosystem in Turkey. It created both tangible outcomes, but also more invisible mindset and approach – the connective tissue that is needed for any tangible outcome to be sustainable and effective. We summarized the SIX Wayfinder’s contribution to the social innovation ecosystem in Turkey from imece‘s perspective in an infographic.

Making Social Innovation Thrive

Making Social Innovation Thrive

In Wayfinder Istanbul, we examined the successes of social innovation over the past decade, uncovered key challenges and tensions, and explored where to focus our efforts for the future. Collectively, we developed calls to action that describe the more radical, transformative and human-centred approaches that the global social innovation community needs to advance in the next 10 years. This short report summarizes our discussions and insights from the Wayfinder.

Creating ecosystems for social innovation

Creating ecosystems for social innovation

At the Istanbul Wayfinder in May 2018, we explored both the visible and invisible components needed to develop and strengthen ecosystems for social innovation with lessons from Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East and North Africa. To find out more, check out our infographic on creating ecosystems for social innovation.

Wayfinder Istanbul: Social Entrepreneurship

Wayfinder Istanbul: Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship had been one of the key themes we reflected on in Wayfinder Istanbul, where we looked into the next 10 years of social innovation. Participants have highlighted the importance of social entrepreneurship in the region and needs of entrepreneurs in this video.


You can check out the teams which find solutions to social issues and their projects, and support them.