imece is a social innovation platform that brings together individuals and institutions dealing with social issues through various resourceful ways.


We contribute to the development of the social innovation ecosystem through our activities and content. We support social entrepreneurs who would like to find solutions to social issues access education, mentorship and grants through the Accelerator. During each Accelerator that lasts for 7 months, we focus on a specific theme and issues related to this theme. We choose our themes and issues based on the 17 Global Goals of the UN for sustainable development.



Incubation Process

You can check the themes that we have chosen based on the 17 Global Goals and the issues around these themes.


Hours of Mentorship

A network of 350 professional mentors from different disciplines


TL Grants

A non-refundable total amount of 480.000 TL granted to projects that pass the jury election


Hours of Training

Trainings tailored for social entrepreneurs on various topics ranging from human-centered design to finance

What's New

You can access our resources, and keep informed about the developments and activities in imece.

imece meetups: SIX

imece meetups: SIX

Together with Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), we have discussed the recent global developments in social innovation and their reflection’s on Turkey’s ecosystem.


You can check out the teams which find solutions to social issues and their projects, and support them.