An open innovation lab enabling solutions to social, cultural, and environmental challenges in a collective manner:

Our Model

We do not aim to reach ultimate solutions to social issues at imeceLAB. Rather, we discover how to tackle with social, cultural and environmental issues. imeceLAB is a learning journey for individuals and institutions taking part in the challenge. We analyze, question, seek answers and produce together. We develop innovative and social good oriented projects for social challenges, hoping that those projects will turn into enterprises, initiatives, and entities.

Our Method

We design the future using innovative methods. We need innovative methods and approaches to move forward in solving multi-layered social, environmental, and cultural challenges. We enable young people to develop solution ideas and projects through our process and content with a human-centered design approach. Young people who joins the challenge develop ideas and interact with other students in the community by following the steps from research to prototyping over the course of ten weeks.

Our Purpose

At imeceLAB, we address social issues in a multi-stakeholder fashion. We believe that if individuals and institutions of diverse resources and expertise gather around the same challenge in a structured way, then they would create solutions with a greater impact. At imeceLAB, we create solutions not for the youth, but with the youth. We know there are high school and university students who are passionate about bringing social good, innovation, and production together. We designed an open innovation program where young people can create by acquiring skills to determine economic, social and cultural dynamics.

Our Community

We gather with young people around shared goals. Young people are the key to developing innovative ideas and progress with their dynamic approaches. We build a community where we create open spaces for young people who join imeceLAB challenges and get involved in different roles to share their interests, passions, and their opinions. We unite with the awareness of learning from each other and producing together.


We determine a challenge with a main partner organization, we bring together the resources and the expertise of many stakeholders such as the civil society, academia, and public institutions. In a ten week cycle, we focus on that challenge and sub-challenges we define. imeceLAB teams develop solution ideas and projects with the help of content, training, and mentoring we provide. Young people of the imeceLAB community take part in the open innovation process and become part of the solution with their feedback and support.