imece is a social innovation platform that brings together individuals and institutions dealing with social issues through various resources, in order to enable them to create innovative and sustainable solutions.


In our rapidly-changing world, traditional approaches are not enough anymore to solve today’s issues.  While we try to keep up with the fast rhythm of our daily life, we also want to be a part of the solution to social issues related to education, the environment, and health care, etc. But, we don’t know how.  We believe that the answer to “how?” is to transform both ourselves and the world while finding solutions alltogether.

For the time being, we do it in three ways:

With the Incubation Process based on the themes determined in line with the 17 Global Goals

With the social entrepreneurship projects included in the Incubation Process

With the resources, and the activities that we organize for social benefit and innovation


imece is a word that only exists in Turkish, and it has no one-word equivalent in other languages. This word, meaning “collective work,” is a gift from Anatolian culture to the world literature. It refers to a culture of doing tasks in which everyone contributes evenly and voluntarily, and the problems are solved in cooperation. This collective way of problem solving of Anatolian people inspired us to adapt this culture to new business models. Well, this is how we set off.

Our story started with a question: how can we, altogether, find innovative and sustainable solutions to social issues?

Today’s world is facing challenges that are complex in nature and require a collaborative effort among multiple stakeholders, inputs from various disciplines and an entrepreneurial approach. Sustainable and systemic solutions can be created and their impact can be scaled only in this way. ATÖLYE was founded based on these pillars, and it is this foundational approach that ATÖLYE is bringing to imece.


Adding value to our country’s economy is one of our priorities. We feel responsible towards the society and we work to add material and moral value to all of our social stakeholders. We care for people, believe in the power of a human-centered approach and teamwork, and think that our work and every project we are in should create shared value for society. Our approach to environmental protection bears priority in all echelons of Zorlu Holding.


As S360, we believe that a “different future” is possible on this land we live. This belief inspires us to create this “different future” altogether, hand in hand. In the current chaotic environment, where we fuel ourselves with uncertainty, imece promises to make a difference, and design a future altogether. In imece, we are helping the realisation of scalable initiatives with strong social impact, which will contribute to create a different future, and building infrastructure of new companies essential for a world based on social benefit.


Our Values


Believing in oneself and possibility of change


Being concrete, simple, and sincere


Thinking and designing together, and supporting each other


Providing social benefit, change both yourself and your environment


Learning with experience, and so improving