BabyAcademy mobile application considers the social gender equality concern under two titles.


Father and mother equally sharing the duties and responsibilities related to the care and development of the child up to 5 years old; whereas, formation of such a role model for the child. Accordingly, the woman will be conscious of her other identities than solely being a mother and increases her confidence. Father, in turn, establishes a stronger emotional bond with the children since included in the process i.e. a healthy balance is established within the family. BabyAcademy is a mobile application for the parents which assists the development of the child from the social gender equality perspective thanks to the specially prepared expert opinions and games. A development plan that has been designed fully independent from the gender of the child as basing on the development level and learning needs will be favoured and the child development is brought to the utmost level. The child forms a confidence of “I can do what I want”  feeling as strengthened with an equality of opportunity which supports it to reach its own potential. This project paves the way for the first steps to balance the responsibility and role distribution within the family in short term. However, in long term, the objective of the project is the termination of the problems originating from the gender-based approach of the society.


The dominant social gender based approach  and communication in the society limits the abilities and potentials of the children; and whereas, causes a polarization in social life.


The first 5 years in the life of a child is the most important period through which the personality and abilities of the child is completed. The toys played, fast consumption products, commercials, cartoons, fashion and even education materials faced by the child in the said period limits the potential of the child only considering the gender.  These tools foresee the princess and less-qualification role for the girls whereas tells the boys to seek certain roles characterized with more intelligence, heroism and skills. The results of such distinction in disadvantaged groups are much more sharp since the roles of the parents in a family unit demonstrates a very important example for the child. The mobile application ensures the parents to give the correct messages to the child in each moment of contact and assists the equality of opportunity throughout the development process of the children by means of eliminating the gender limitation against the potential of the child.

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