Can you explain the word ‘’hobby’’ to someone who is not familiar to the concept?


The Dem Kafası team consists of special educational experts and the founders and employees of Dem Foundation which is working on increasing interactivity between the aural community and the hearing-impaired community.

The team designed a new and inclusive educational method and a web site compatible with mobile, where people can reach the method for hearing-impaired and deaf children between the ages 0-6 in order to support them on language acquisition. The web site will teach hearing parents to communicate with their hearing-impaired or deaf children through speaking, showing and signing, and also provide children an equal language acquisition compared to hearing individuals. This method will help complete the children’s conceptual communication processes as well.


90% of deaf and hearing-impaired kids are born to hearing parents who are not able to speak the sign language.


The team focuses on language acquisition process that is completed between the ages 0-6. They emphasize that the process is very significant considering future improvement of language therefore cognitive enhancement and communication.

So how can we provide language acquisition for deaf and hearing-impaired children? If the hearing parents of hearing-impaired children use a combination of specific methods (speaking, showing, signing) while communicating with them, especially during the critical period of language acquisition (0-3), their children’s language acquisition process can be completed within the same time period as their hearing peers. The team argues that deaf and hearing impaired individuals who have completed their language acquisition processes during the mentioned period will not experience difficulties based on communication in their educational, business or social lives.

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