In order for individualized education to exist in Turkey, course content and teaching techniques must be improved.  


Dersimiz Dünya argues that when we connect the students’ worlds with the educational world, students are more likely to be interested and eager to study. The team aims to create an educational platform with inspirational video series that can collect and individualize data according to knowledge, interests and skills of the student.

Among its counterparts, this platform also creates a mentor, role-model network for the long term, and shows that the varieties and differences in the world, in short, ‘’the 21st century’s spirit’’ can actually be associated with the courses at school. This platform is planned to kick off on Youtube at the first phase, then turn into a mobile application that can be supported through other social media channels.


“My mom is complaining because I am wasting my time on Youtube… What really is wasting my time is school!”


Even though there is an increase at books published in Turkish in the last years, there are still very little limited resources students can access that will encourage their curiosity and research drive concerning their courses taught at school.

The team aims to develop alternative educational models, create a platform where one’s educational life and personal life can coexist, and transform people’s perceptions towards a more positive approach through emphasizing the joyous features of knowledge and experiences.

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