Aims to change the language to evolve and establish the permanent ideal behaviours by means of digital coaching the ideas and beliefs underlying the words and attitudes.


Certain discriminating and toxic words and idioms are customized in our language as a part of our culture and do exist. We automatically use such words and templates in our daily life both in written and verbal communications. And most of the times, we are even unaware that such use is a wrong and causes an inequality. Empatikly spots the words and templates in a wording; generating an awareness in the first place and then translates the discriminating toxic words to an non-discriminating language (likewise translation from a language to another) i.e. eliminates such toxic uses replacing them with positive ones. The user may make practice with daily, weekly word themes and contents. The application measures the empathy score for the individual, team and corporation and accordingly monitors and measures the development.


The awareness gained by training processes and works for the social gender discrimination not yet turn to concrete and permanent behaviors.


However, the discriminating and violent nature of the language we use in our daily language determine our attitudes and frames our structure of thinking. Our use of masculine behaviours and words even without being aware results in discrimination of the woman in society causing her to be alianated. Empatikly turns the toxic language to an emphatic one and accordingly aims to cause generate a wide extent awareness which will in turn change the behavior and thinking templates.

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