The level of knowledge and experience of children who pursue their own questions and curiosities can sometimes exceed those of their teachers.


Hayalgücü Merkezi has been originated from Emre Keskin’s efforts to provide answers to curious questions asked by the students of Van Dumlupınar Middle School. Emre Keskin has been working as a visual arts teacher at the school, worked to generate ways to help the children along while they tried to develop their skills and creativity levels.

Hayalgücü Merkezi, which leads children to ask questions and learn through activities and learning methods, also brings children with similar interests together so that they can meet their peers, explore and produce together. Hayalgücü Merkezi is working on a mobile application that spots the interests and talents of children.


We are aware that the traditional education practices are proven to have negative influences on children.


Hayalgücü Merkezi team would like to see productive and happy children growing up in our country and all around the world. Our team aims educational changes and development through innovation of the educational methods and practices in our country.

They want everyone to say ‘’I can do it!’’ to improve their skills and to create a production culture with others with similar interests and curiosities. They are designing a new learning experience through creating communities of common curiosities, interests and talents.

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