Stimulus deficiency is the underlying cause of a child’s learning disorder.


Hemdem has observed that in order for children under state protection to become individuals and make a place for themselves in society, they very much depend on the moral conditions that surround them. The team is working on forming a community that brings foster parents together so that their children do not grow up to be “outsiders’’ of the society.

The team aims to raise the consciousness of the families through a closed communication network, routine reporting systems and workshops. They argue that these will help the children overcome their communication problems, learning disorders, trust and self-confidence issues through a healthy way.


Families wish to be in touch with other foster families like themselves.


Based on field observations and tests, society looks at children who are in need of protection with pity and mercy until they reach the age of 13, however after that they are perceived as potential criminals. The team argues that this basic inference is the main reason lying behind the problem of the lack of normalisation processes in these children’s lives.

In addition, the Hemdem team has agreed on the lack of efficient activities that can build up the moral conditions and also meet the sharing needs of both the foster families and the children. The team is working on a platform to make a change and provide a communication basis and a sense of togetherness.

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