We are working to show the strength of the enterprises touched by the ladies to the women in the first place and then to the surrounding environments and to the society.


The women who do not know how to make use of their own talents, open to new information and development, seeking to move out of standard rules however not aware of the required route will come togetger under the «Kadın Eli» mentor network. The trainers and training stages in this program  will find solutions to the social problems and will assist the women to activate their entrepreneurship models.


Kadın Eli team knows the power and change generated when women unite; whereas, attempts to provide the correct training to demonstrate such dynamism.


The women feel the pressure of the social gender roles at home, in business and in many other positions of the social life. They continue their lives without recognizing the value of their efforts and without being given a fair share from the economic life. Kadın Eli team believes that an area can be created in which the women will understand, be aware of and teach others the new ideas generated, changes experienced, sustainable entrepreneurship models formed, revenues gained and problems solved solely by themselves; which, in turn,  means the point of view required for the women.  

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