The idea of Kızlar Sahada Akademi shined in a rainy March morning when Gökçe Güven, a player of Youth Cup, entered in the Girls in Field Office and said: «I want all the girls to play football; let’s build up an academy for this.”


Kızlar Sahada Academy is an organization lasting six days in total through which socially disadvantaged girls of 10 to 12 years old are introduced with football. Each academy includes two parties as one consisting of volunteer high school and university students and the other as girls living in economically disadvantages locations. The volunteer students provide training to the students of the academy for six days about football and other branches (fine arts, science, robotic, drama etc.). On the sixth day, the Academy Students demonstrate a wonderful show and football match to their own families. Each Academy is funded by the sponsors searched and found by the volunteering students.


It is clear that the status of the woman in the society has undergone significant progress; however,  considering the thousands years of inequality, such changes may not provide equality of opportunity immediately in every spot of the world.  


The objective is to generate opportunities for different sounds, visisons and stances. But where to start? Of course from the girls. the Kızlar Sahada Academy team believes that the children who are already out of the desired comfort standards may also jump out of the traditional belief templates. That is why the team uses the football, a male-dominant sport being watched in excitement by 3,5 billion people in the world, as the tool for such purpose. The team desires the girls arriving in the field, under the prejudice of football not suitable for them, to see that they can play this game and gain strength against the other possible gendered attitudes  they may face throughout their lifetime. The concentrated idea herein is to breed different seeds of ideas to the minds growing under the pressure of thousands years of prejudice and  serving a path to exit to the girls to rush out of censor frames they have caged themselves in. They work and produce in a world they desire to live in where everyone reaches its own potential and realizes itself. Girls in Field!

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