Ladybirdlist is a platform which brings together the women who wants to concrete their ideas or extend their existing enterprises to a sustainable level and the persons/corporations with the capability of funding such projections of women.


The woman entrepreneur willing to favour Ladybirdlist will register online in the platform and transfer the information related to its enterprise/project to the system. After completing this stage, the platform provides the contact between the woman entrepreneur and the matching investor.


In the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem, the women entrepreneurs constitute only 9% of the total number of entrepreneurs.


One of the most important problems faced by the woman entrepreneurs is the reach to the financial resources. This platform generates a solution about such reach to the economic funding then may assist the woman entrepreneurs in participation to the ecosystem. With more woman entrepreneurs reaching finance, the participation to economic environment will increase and a sustainable social development is achieved.  Thanks to the economic independence won, the woman has more rights for speaking and deciding for the life and events.

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