Children require a learning experience that helps them develop a curiosity drive and motivates them to be more enthusiastic, rather than a system that focuses on performance and is set up to tame them.


The LTS team which consists of scholars and teachers has developed an educational material called The Philosophy Box. The material was created accordingly to the P4C (Philosophy for Children) method which offers an interactive model and is made up of story-question exercises.

The team aims to help children gain critical, creative, cooperative and attentive skills through developing content based on philosophy and design educational materials compatible with it. Through these content and materials, they aim to provide a service to teachers who are interested in educational innovation and form a community.


Even though schools focus on helping children gain cognitive and social skills, there are two essential problems of being human: self awareness and competency of self improvement.


Children at an early age must be taught how to think critically and creatively. The team has observed that teachers who are willing to implement a more critical and creative educational model require methods, ways and materials on the subject. LTS resolves this problem through their educational material that includes a story based on a philosophical question and cards that visualize the story.

The team aims to form internationally qualified educational content that will prompt children from all groups and ages to contemplate over existential and ethical questions.

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