Education starts the moment we are born and continues throughout our entire lives, however the most critical phase is primary school.


The team is working to build up self awareness in students who have difficulties living up to the expectations of their parents and experienced harsh and limited relations with their teachers. The team is involved in both educational sciences and psychology.

They designed a product and service that provides primary school students gain cognitive skills. The team presents a diversified learning experience with the New Generation Learning Mind Workshop Series that include activities like imagination drawing, origami, drama etc.


We are obligated to teach human values to our children.


The team argues that when teachers embrace a more genuine, supportive and inclusive attitude in their classes, the teaching process becomes accelerated and students tend to be more motivated. They also argue that when students step out from classical learning models and participate to the teaching process, learning process becomes more efficient.

The team is planning to formulate alternative educational structures like the Learning Mind Workshops, in order to improve the efficiency, support the communication between generations, create a whole from differences and form new, self aware generations.

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