Change happens when the outcome produced is shared and it is learnt from the producer.


Minizma team consists of senior students from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Foreign Language, Science and Wunderkind Education in Boğaziçi University. The team is working on building an interactive platform that will support the development of teachers.

They are developing a digital content platform where instructors share and display the various experiments, workshops and activities done in classes. The platform aims to enable the teachers to reach alternative course content and stay in touch with other instructors and relevant experts.


I don’t think technology is just robotics. What is it then? I don’t know.


The team focuses on techniques, technologies and educational methods that are used to make the learning process permanent and efficient. They aim to make these practices widespread. Teachers will be able to access the course content they are looking for and get advice on technology-based content (coding, robotics, 3D design) that they wish to improve themselves about and meet with the relevant experts.

The team believes that a more efficient learning environment will be created when teachers from different places share their own methods on a common platform and learn from each others’ techniques.

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