The researches in Turkey and all over the globe questioning the gender inequality originating from the lesser participation of women in technology and engineering activities show us that, in summary, women face problems in sense of belonging, shyness and lack of confidence in such participation.   


monolab team aims to overcome such problem in an early stage; i.e. generates the Island Girls project in which 9 to 17 years old girls come together in certain clubs where they may act in a confident manner, strengthen their relations through technology and learn about electronics and programming. The girls act and make together and generate cretarive projects in such clubs. As in efforts to destroy the streotypes through internet sites and youtube channel projects, they follow the footprints of the first programmer Lady Ada Lovelace  and make efforts to introduce themselves as smart, competent, joyful and cool girls.


The technology and engineering is a valuable area of profession characterized with high salaries.


However, the women participation in this area is lesser than 25%. The conducted researches show that girls are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) branches during their education stages however avoid selecting their professions in the areas related to STEM.  The rareness of the role models, streotypes in the media, family originated gender roles etc. reasons make the girls think as the technology and engineering professions as belonging to the male gender. And they also face difficulties when expressing themselves in the environments where males are more in numbers. Thus, due to the lack of experience at hand, they feel like insufficient and unconfident and whereas they avoid to select professions from the areas of technology and engineering.  The Ada Kızları project tries to solve such negative situation with an early stage training/education. The women taking their part equally in technology and engineering professions will enable them to become more strong by means of economic and social senses since they shall act as a valuable workforce. Besides, the negative approaches against the women in society will be broken down in parallel with the increasing social awareness. Finally, the socially richer professional environments, thanks to the added woman point of view, will generate more economic efficiency.

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