The Social Equality Kit (TEK) developed by Learning Designs for the 9-14 age group children includes information, activities and games, designed under a right-based and equalitarian approach, to be applied by the parents and teachers.


TEK is an innovative tool to be applied by the families and teachers (at home or in school) easily as specially designed and combining the awareness and fun.


The education system and family attitudes strengthen and re-produce the inequalities originating from social gender roles.


Only 128 of the Turkish scientists are women. At the same time, Turkey takes the 130th place among 144 countries in the list of gender equality. The children face concrete gender roles and related limitations in very early ages. The Learning Designs prepares the TEK as to free the imaginations of the children and to enable them proceed towards future as free from the gender templates i.e. as equipped with a free and equalitarian point of view.

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