Our education system is based on rote learning and exams. Therefore students do not know what a real learning experience is.


Omega aims to create a platform where prospective teachers can improve their competence, develop coaching skills and have the opportunity to experience field work in institutions.

Omega argues, in order to train successful students, the teachers must be qualified. Therefore they want to help raise experienced teachers and create a more interactive learning environment.


All teachers have stated that they were all inexperienced when they started working.


The team points out that prospective teachers do not get a chance to improve themselves because they are inexperienced and that they only have a compulsory internship opportunity at their senior year. Omega also states that our education system is exam-oriented and rote learning based therefore students never really get a chance to experience a true learning process.

Based on the insights they had acquired from their field work, they argue that contrary to popular myth, teachers are not idealists and the number of teachers who willfully choose their profession is decreasing. Omega wants to improve teachers’ competence and experience levels in order to resolve this issue.

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