All kids have a right to play with toys. Especially for kids in special conditions, toys mean much more than that.


Önemsiyoruz team has been developing projects and products for kids between the ages 0-6 who are obliged to live in prison with their mothers.

The team states that accession to toys for preschool kids is also a basic right. They have pointed out that this basic right of kids is limited in cases where the mother is imprisoned and the child is obliged to stay in prison with the mother. The team has designed emotion puppets and a box game, in order to help with the development of the kids’ basic perception of emotions and concepts.


We want to improve the kids’ self confidence through making them feel like individuals and enabling them to express themselves.


The products’ main aim is to create equality of opportunity, and to prepare kids for their education period, to help them podiatrically develop equally compared to their peers and create a secure bond between them and their mothers.

The team wants the kids to form a bond both with themselves and their surroundings. They want to contribute to the kids’ emotional development and enable them to obtain information about the outside world.

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