Everyone has their own pace of learning.


Patica, aims to provide an individualised experience of education for people who are looking to specialize on certain subjects through the help of relevant experts. The team focuses on people and organisations which focus primarily on social utility that are looking to improve their competence.

The team provides a platform for these people and organisations. The process starts with an online registration, continues with the users following the learning paths that were created accordingly to their needs with the advice and support of experts, and ends with the computation of improvement levels of the users.


People who want to do good, should be able to access expertise easily.


Patica aims to help experts to share their expertise with students through an easy and rewarding method. The team states that capacities of effect organisations will be increased and people who are interested in using better tools, practices and self improvement will be employed through this method.

The team wants to help people who desire to create a social change access expertise easily, work more efficiently and widen their spheres of influence. The platform offers an opportunity to improve faster and more efficiently for communities, institutions, nations and individuals in the world.

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