reflect is a sustainable brand with social impact target.


The objective of the project is to strengthen the women working in textile industry in line with their personal targets as well as providing valuable industrial professions to the disadvantaged high school girls by means of generating related finance mechanisms and profession based training. The reflect team aims the production of the collections in the workshops established by the women or employing 80% women employees together with providing men and women working in the textile industry to have social gender training. Following each purchase, it is aimed to provide financial support to the high school girls in disadvantaged communities as to enable them have training of creative professions. It is also targeted employment of such girls in reflect or promoting them to be employed in other companies of the industry.


1 million women textile workers are employed in Turkey. The biggest reason for their employment is that the women work with low salaries without any social benefit, as well as many other reasons. The women are not paid fairly for their labour.


On the other hand, 91,2% of the primary school age girls continue their education whereas this level is pulled down to 82,4% in secondary school age. The data show that the size of the solution market includes more than 2 million individuals.  Moreover, the families of the children being educated in poublic schools state the education costs as their biggest problem in relation with the education. Under the coverage of the issues specified in the Assistance Program, reflect project aims to enable a fair participation of the women to the economic life and assistance to the education of the girls. The solution recommendations are based on the financial assistance and training planned to be provided, respectively, for the training of the women textile workers and high school age girls.

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