The lack of variety of experiences that are essential to pediatric development attenuates children’s potential.


Senfoni team consists of parents and instructors who are on the Board of Directors of the Koşan Kaplumbağa Preschool. The preschool is part of an Education Cooperative called Başka Bir Okul Mümkün that is based on alternative education, democracy, ecology and unique financing.

The team aims to contribute in the physical and social development of kids between the ages 3-10 through certificated workshops and games organised in their local neighbourhood. They are working on developing a mobile application that will provide a platform for the parents to interact and socialize.


Parents are often overlooked as collaborators in the education system.


Children who suffer from a deficiency of experience, social isolation and alienation from nature are more likely to experience a lack of development and creativity and difficulties to understand life and solve problems.

Senfoni team argues that it might put a limit on a child’s potential in the long term. The team believes that parents are eager to spend more time with their children however they do not know how to, therefore it aims to enhance the role of parents in education.

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