Participatory approaches and storytelling makes it easier for children express their experiences.


Toyi designs game kits in order to help children gain basic knowledge and skills like problem solving and emotional expression through the therapeutic power of games.

It aims to widen the imagination and improve the creativity of children and help them become productive and confident individuals. The team is searching ways to increase the level of interaction between children and improve their content so that they can organize workshops. They aim to improve the self expression skills of children and help them realize their creativeness and encourage them through low cost, qualified, and facilitative materials and/or readymade workshops.


Every person who has contributed to the enrichment of our world has two things in common: imagination and creativity. The most effective way to improve these values of children is through games.


The team designs game environments or game materials for the children to acquire gaming habits. They believe the exploration drive, curiosity, creativity and imagination that children have whilst growing up should be encouraged.

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