The woman decision makers need to be increased in numbers to strengthen the position of the women and for a sustainable growth.


Wo-Co Generic Platform has a team member Hayriye Korkmaz who has been questioning the “shadow” position of the women in the society since her high school ages. Korkmaz spotted the need for woman decision makers during her master degree thesis studies and the project is shaped in line with this fact. Wo-Co Generic Platform  team, in the first place, aims to provide an online platform project which may be integrated in the systems of the corporate companies. The content will be served as a wide scale database but considering the social gender equality in the first place. This platform will generate solutions to the problems of several levels which obstruct the promoting of the women in corporate life; and accordingly generate an awareness.


The managements in which the woman is not an “alien” may see the facts from the social gender equality perspective.


As individual conscious of generating a sustainable world, we stress on equality in any sphere of life and women taking their place in decision making mechanisms.  The women existing in decision making mechanisms with increased numbers and quality, in other words managements which do not see woman as an “alien”, will result in the decisions which will be given after being assessed by means social gender equality perspective.  The inspirations and experiences that may be used for solving this inequality existing in management levels of business life are critical for the issue. The platform will suffice such critical need of inspirations and example experiences thanks to its content; whereas,  will also provide an awareness of social gender equality that will assist the development of financial and digital competency and trigger the conscious of multi-role responsibilities.

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