We want to change the idea of ‘’I can’t’’ in people’s minds and instil creative confidence.


The Yapan İnsan team consists of industrial designers who are planning to design a backpack filled with basic tools to use in case of an emergency. They want to improve people’s self confidence through showing what they can achieve with these basic tools and overcome the difficulties they face so that they can help both themselves and people in need during a state of emergency.

3 different back packs were designed for 3 different situations. The team has also planned workshops, seminars and trainings for various possible scenarios.


This is a worldwide issue.


In emergency or post disaster situations, most people do not know what to do or how to help the people in need, therefore experience low self confidence in these situations. This causes them to abstain from action even though they might be helpful in various ways.

Emergency kits and related trainings will boost people’s creative self confidence, and allow them to be useful for themselves, friends and other people.

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